For this category, the nominated company must:

  • Demonstrate one or several CSR initiatives it has taken during the past 24 months which have brought benefit to a particular segment of society.

  • If a winner last year (or runner up), should highlight significant changes from last year to qualify.

  • Photographs/videos and testimonials to this effect would assist judges in determining which organization has best fulfilled the CSR objective.

  • The organization vying for this must be a local IT company.

  • Financial Benefit: Cash Flow Efficiency (how many times/year money rolls).

  • Productivity: How your Company compares to existing or competing businesses in terms of staff/financial turnover.

  • Satisfaction Levels: 

    • Internal Satisfaction

      • By Independent Survey

      • By comparing staff turnover ratios with similar businesses in the same sector

    • External Satisfaction: Client Feedback

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