Q. Who can apply for the P@SHA ICT Awards?

The applications are open within Pakistan for everyone with an innovative idea. Bigger companies, startups, freelancers and students can all participate in their relevant categories.

Q. Are P@SHA ICT Awards only for P@SHA member companies?

No, P@SHA ICT Awards are open for members as well as non-members.

Q. Is it possible to apply in multiple categories?

Yes, it is possible to apply in multiple categories. However, the applicant (s) will have to present separately for each category.

Q. Where and when will the P@SHA ICT Awards 2019 be held?

P@SHA ICT Awards 2019 will be held in Lahore this year. The date and venue for the event will be announced soon. 

Q. What is the procedure to get the P@SHA ICT Award?

P@SHA ICT Awards are awarded to the winners and runner-ups from the participants who compete in the provided 9 categories by presenting their product/  service idea.
To view the categories, please go to the Home Page and select Categories from the Menu. 

Q. How do I apply for the P@SHA ICT Awards?

Please go to the Homepage > Categories and select your relevant category. Upon selecting your category, please carefully go through the sub-categories offered in each Main Category and select the ones you believe represent your idea best. Click on the sub-category you have selected to fill out the application form.

Please fill out the form comprehensively to ensure your selection for the presentation and attach a supporting document where required. Click Submit when finished.


Q. How will i know my application has been received?

The applicant will receive a confirmation email for each successful submission. Please note that this confirmation email does not ensure your selection for the presentation.


Q. How many categories are there?

There are 9 Main Categories. All Main Categories have various sub-categories to choose from. 


Q. How will i be informed about my selection for the presentation?

All selected candidates will receive selection emails with the presentation details once the initial screening process is complete. 

Q. What will be the date and venue of presentations?

The presentations will be held tentatively in the last week of July in three major cities; Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi. The dates for the presentations will be announced soon.


Q. How can I stay informed on the Awards related updates?

For Awards’ updates, please follow P@SHA’s Social Media. Applicants will also be emailed about all developments on the Awards. P@SHA’s Social Media links are below in the footer.

Q. What is the deadline for application?

The applications are now closed. The final deadline for applications was August 9th, 2019.

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