Contour Software (Pvt.) Ltd.

Contour Software, with offices in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, started from 13 employees in 2010, and has recently reached 600 employees across Pakistan. As a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc., we are proud to be part of a global enterprise software conglomerate that has grown to become the largest Canadian software company, with employees and customers in 100+ countries. CSI is the best performing stock on the S&P/TSX over an 8-year period, has out-performed the FAANG stocks since its IPO in 2006, and is acknowledged as the global Top Strategic Acquirer of Software companies, 2017 on-wards.

With a broad-based and ever-growing portfolio of market-leading, vertical-market enterprise solutions covering more than 75 industry domains in predominantly mature markets, CSI’s recipe creates the perfect environment for software industry professionals to build fulfilling, long-term careers. What started as a development center, has progressed into an offshore employee center in Pakistan, serving R&D, IT, CS, PS, Finance and other departments at the divisional as well as corporate operating group levels. With mature yet growing service lines, as well as some post-pilot stage services, and the global growth of Constellation as the wind in our sails, we are only just getting started!

Employment at Contour involves work on market-leading, industry-specific enterprise systems, international training and professional development opportunities, collaboration with senior and seasoned international experts, exposure to a smorgasbord of industry domains and technologies under one roof, and an employer and work environment that facilitates and encourages inclusion and long-term retention. We have grown by more than 100 employees already this year, across the 3 cities, and have close to 150 more exciting full-time opportunities still available.

Incoming companies acquired by Constellation gain from the operational and strategic improvement capabilities and experience of CSI as well as the advantages of being part of a global organization, yet retain ownership and control of their business unit’s culture and decision-making. The speed, simplicity and discretion involved in our pre-acquisition evaluation process, and all the other benefits listed above, are now available to companies operating in Pakistan, as they can become a part of Constellation via Contour. Contour’s track record of success in Pakistan, as a stable presence and employer of choice, is a key additional benefit of the association, for incoming companies.

Constellation focuses on Acquiring, Building & Managing Industry-Specific/Vertical Market Enterprise Software companies, for life – hence our motto: Software for Life.



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